Normandie Stabulation/ Baert has offered stabulation solutions since 1958.

Our job is to make equipment for livestock handling and contention during marketing and processing phases :

Livestock Market – Allotment Centre – Slaughterhouse

Thanks to our expertise, our projects respect both staff safety and animal welfare: humans and animals at the core of our processes.

Our team has the technical skills to support you in your stabling projects from the feasibility pre-study to the commissioning of the installation. We operate in France and abroad.

Our processes are compliant with current standards. Our customers select them for their simplicity, reliability, robustness, and comfort of use: our clients’ renewed confidence boost our commitment, responsiveness and availability.


The handling of livestock in meat trade and industry requires a specific process. The animals leave their familiar environment and are confronted with new operations: loading, unloading, transport, reception in unfamiliar facilities, contact with animals from other farms and handling by unknown operators. The animals are disturbed and their behaviour changed. The process must offer the best techniques to ensure the safety of the personnel and the animal welfare. All regulations (health, veterinary, town planning, road traffic regulations, labour regulations, etc.) must be complied with in order to guarantee the good functioning of the site. The livestock farmer’s work, in conditions approved by consumers, will be respected.

Employee safety

Livestock handling operations present risks that must be controlled. The comfort and safety of the workplace are addressed through the organisation of workflows, the design of equipment and training. Our expertise in processes and our experience enable us to develop the most successful projects for your specific needs. The safety of personnel is closely related to animal welfare. We draw up and deliver synthetic flow plans to be used as a support for your training actions by approved organisations.

Development chart

Our development chart is a list of criteria dictated by the regulations, our experience and our know-how. All our projects must conform to this chart in order to be presented and discussed. The purpose of this chart is to assure you of the technical and economic validity of our stalls.

A highly controlled process

We have developed equipment and processes based on scientific data and observations of animal behaviour in our facilities for over 60 years. We participate in the approval, commissioning and technical monitoring of all our stalls. Our technical approach in “MORPHO-CONCEPTION” and “GESTURES AND POSTURES” enables us to offer you a controlled process.

The technical approach “MORPHO-CONCEPTION” is a study and development of equipment that relies on the morphological and behavioural capacity of the animal. It is based on dimensional data and observation of animal reactions. We make sure that the animals’ movements are compatible with their natural abilities.

The “GESTURES AND POSTURES” technical approach is a study and equipment development process based on data published by the INRS (National Institute for Research and Safety for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents and Diseases) and feedback from operators on all our installations.

Personalized follow-up

The management of the implementation of your stall will be the subject of a personalized follow-up. We draw up the plans for the execution of the structural and secondary work, and advise you on the related works: ventilation, temperature regulation, effluent management. A team dedicated to your project is available at the company’s headquarters to support all stakeholders in the execution phases. Our assembly teams led by field managers ensure the installation of your equipment according to demanding quality procedures.

Animal welfare

Animal welfare is a major issue for the meat industry. By our technical approach in «MORPHO-CONCEPTION» we are committed to the comfort of animals in our stables. Our design chart leads us to control all the parameters of our projects: available surfaces, watering, feeding, soil structure, light and sound environments, management of injured or sick animals. We pay close attention to the adequacy of all these criteria.

Optimized maintenance

Our facilities are designed to generate the simplest on-site service possible: we use certified raw materials, robust construction methods and top-quality supplies. Following the instructions of our operating books will allow you to work in your stable for several decades in the greatest serenity.

A trustworthy partnership

Each project is the subject of a site visit with consideration of all the main technical operating data and appendices: situation, environment, orientation, cleaning, etc. We develop our projects precisely and argue the proposed solutions. We create a trusting partnership that matches the specifics of your project and our respective experiences.

Over 250 locations equipped

Since 1958 we have been developing and optimizing suitable processes. Our expertise takes root in more than 250 equipped stables, maintained, optimized and sometimes extended.

International reputation

Our company is able to deliver equipment and services in the French Overseas Departments and Territories as well as for export. We have managed stablings on the American, Asian and African continents.

A long-term support

When commissioning, we provide you with an operating book for your installation technical monitoring. This booklet contains process plans, operating instructions, maintenance instructions, and warranty certificates. We archive these files and we can assist you in the evolution of your company. Our «technical inspection» department can provide support in your preventive maintenance program.